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XchangeWorx truly is Connected Healthcare Made Easy.

The Challenge

Efforts to transform the healthcare system from volume to value based payment models are creating new demands for information - not just data - at the point of care. This information along with effective communication among providers, patients, health plans and other care givers is needed to coordinate patient care. Yet their ability to efficiently meet this growing demand is limited by their ability to communicate across existing electronic medical record systems - this is where we can help.

The Solution

For healthcare organizations looking to connect disparate systems across the care continuum - XchangeWorx technology and solutions are enabling delivery of the right information at the right time; driving efficient, effective and affordable healthcare, and creating meaningful value for each patient, clinician and organization we serve.

The History

XchangeWorx was formed from the IT operations group of Hixny - a not-for-profit, New York State Regional Health Information Organization. Hixny has become a leading RHIO in the country using the solutions it has developed to ease interoperability across communities. Now, XchangeWorx, a for-profit technology company, is offering those solutions and more to the rest of the world.


Solutions for transforming healthcare through technology.

XW Connect, Coordinate, and Perform services form the foundation of a secure, comprehensive solution that includes systems interoperability, a full suite of process management tools, and the ability to design and evaluate clinical programs. Contact us for a free consultation.

XW Connect
Build a connected network for your population, faster.

Connect and share.

Built exclusively for healthcare, XW Connect solves the transport, security, and content interoperability issues faced by HIEs and EMR vendors. In essence, it allows for the bidirectional connection to any EMR system and functions as a gateway - converting incoming and outgoing data to the proper format required by the receiving system. It also decreases the time to implement EMR vendors, already supported by the gateway, to an HIE. This solution is ideal for organizations looking to leverage an existing workflow and systems already in place to share information across the care continuum.


  • Quick-start for HIEs – established interoperability with 30+ client systems
  • Solves for incompatibilities in standards interpretations – increasing successful transactions
  • Enhanced Firewall Security

*For customers looking for maintenance and development of HIE hardware and software under the InterSystems HealthShare platform, or to build their own HIE, XW offers a full managed solution. Contact us for more details.

XW Coordinate
Identify opportunities and inform care teams through automated business processes, in order to reduce costs.

Identify and Inform.

In order to successfully and efficiently coordinate patient care, organizations need effective process management tools. XW Coordinate transforms data into actionable information, and using surveillance logic, triggers automated business processes for the care team. Essentially, it offers the ability to identify patients and opportunities, and then informs the right people through intelligent, automated alerts, notifications, and/or tasks.


  • Real-time Event Notifications for changes in patient status
  • Intelligent alerting for care teams
  • Disease registries and population profilers

XW Perform
Analyze and monitor the population in order to manage clinical programs and outcomes.

Analyze and monitor.

With XW Perform, healthcare professionals have the ability to monitor, track, report, and analyze the population to better manage clinical programs and outcomes. These are essential capabilities for population health management initiatives. We create custom dashboards to showcase only the information that is important to your organization. With our automated clinical reporting, you will no longer need to manually analyze multiple reports.


  • Rapid-cycle analytics
  • Clinical dashboards
  • Automated standards operations and clinical reporting
  • Integrated medical and pharmacy claims
  • Supports learning health systems


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“Welcome to XchangeWorx. Many believe connecting healthcare is not easy, but it can be. XchangeWorx makes connected healthcare easy for our customers by allowing them to focus on the business problems rather than the technical problems. Contact us for a free consultation.” — Joel Ryba, CEO