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Resolving the HIE Sustainability Crisis.

Dedicated Health Information Organizations (HIOs) and other Health Information Exchange (HIE) operators.
IT professionals in organizations that use HIE services and are at risk for financial and clinical outcomes—Accountable Care Organizations, Integrated Delivery Networks, Insurers.

Key Issue
Basic push and pull services, known as HIE 1.0, are not relevant enough to ensure sustainability. HIOs and other HIE operators must provide additional value to stakeholders, measured by increased revenue or cost savings.

Expansion into advanced HIE 2.0 services to support value-based care, population health, and research. Choose a solution that does not require ripping and replacing HIE 1.0 services or making a large up-front investment to build out an existing HIE resources and services that will drive your sustainability.

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Missouri Health Connection Contracts with XchangeWorx

XchangeWorx supporting efforts for a stronger statewide Health Information Exchange

ALBANY, NY – Missouri Health Connection (MHC), the statewide health information exchange (HIE) for Missouri, has recently entered into a master services agreement with XchangeWorx.  This new partnership invited XchangeWorx to conduct an assessment of MHC’s HIE landscape and operations and to provide a roadmap to further advance and deliver greater value to MHC’s participants.

XchangeWorx is a technology provider with a focus on developing healthcare solutions and effective population health management tools. The start-up company provides technology services to several clients including Hixny, a New York State Qualified Entity, which serves 1.7 million patients in the Capital District, Northern New York and the Mohawk Valley. 

“Our goal is to understand where Missouri Health Connection is today and how we can support their needs as a thriving HIE in the Midwest with an eye toward future growth,” said Joel Ryba, CEO of XchangeWorx.  “Through this effort, we have provided a roadmap which will position them to support the next generation of HIE services to their participants.”

XchangeWorx is working with MHC participants to better understand the current services and tools being provided, as well as their emerging needs.  XchangeWorx will develop and submit a roadmap which will position MHC for additional services and future growth.  XchangeWorx and MHC began work in the summer of 2016 and expects this project will be completed in the Fall.  As a result of the assessment, MHC has asked XchangeWorx to continue its partnership and continue to provide advisory consulting services.

“Having witnessed the results XchangeWorx has secured for Hixny and other clients, we were encouraged to engage them for our needs,” said Angie Bass, Interim President and Chief Executive Officer for MHC.  “As a result of the XchangeWorx assessment and recommendations MHC is confident that we will be the premiere and most robust HIE in the Midwest providing the most advanced service delivery options and highest value for our members.”


About Missouri Health Connection

MHC, a non‐profit 501(c)(3) organization, is the state‐designated HIE organization that provides a secure and private electronic platform for sharing health information, which improves communication, efficiency and quality of care. It allows providers and other caregivers immediate access to a patient’s up‐to‐date health information to provide the best possible and most comprehensive care. MHC provides services for health care providers to carry forward MHC’s mission of improving the quality of health care by coordinating care, reducing preventable errors and avoiding treatment duplication. Since January 2014, the MHC network has been providing electronic exchange of health records enabling more than 7,000 physicians to quickly and securely access patient health records when treating their patients and currently includes more than 70% of the inpatient care delivered in Missouri. For more information, visit


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