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HIE 2.0. Now.

Chances are that your HIE capabilities are sufficient. Records are effectively getting where they need to be, when they need to be there. But, as healthcare continues to change, that may not be good enough.

Unless you’re expanding upon basic HIE services, you’re missing opportunities. You could be diversifying your income stream. You could be more effectively supporting value-based care and population health. With our help, you could be doing it now.

xw skillworx

HealthShare Consulting Services

If you run InterSystem's HealthShare, XchangeWorx is your one-stop shop for innovation, design and construction of new solutions. Present us your information challenge, and we will engineer the right solution for you. Or engage us for staff augmentation resources that you direct.

  • Consultants Certified in HL7 FHIR and Experienced with HealthShare
  • Management Experienced in Services Oriented Architecture and Multiple Development Lifecycles

  • Hourly Staff Augmentation at your direction for small projects and ongoing integrations or support
  • Large XW managed Fixed Priced fully defined projects

xw fhirworx

Use our SMART on FHIR platform to put your Data/UI, your apps, and your brand in your user's workflow

SMART on FHIR isn't about data, it is about information access with user (practitioner) and patient content. This is done through OAuth Single-Sign-On and FHIR Resources. Our platform makes any web app a SMART on FHIR app, or we can easliy build a new app for you and SMART on FHIR enable it with FHIRWorx.

  • Provider facing applications to integrated disparate systems into the EHR workflow.
  • HIE Patient History, Messaging, Alerts, LIS, RIS, Payer Data Integration, etc.

  • Consumer facing application
  • Apple Health Integration
  • Patient Consent Collection

xw patientworx

Identify and Alert on Patient Care in Realtime

Multiple members of our leadership team have been creating analytics solutions for decades. We combined all of the best knowledge and practices in this area to create an anlaytical data model for real-time analysis and alerting.
We can deploy this data model into your HIE and integrate it into your alerting services to advance your care coordination services.

  • We integrate our Data Model directly into your platform.
  • Patient profiles are updated in realtime for current values
  • Supports trending for prior period values and patient matching deviations.

  • Standard eClinical Quality Measures
  • Custom Defined Dempgraphics and Measures.
  • Supports different perspectives based on user access level (e.g., privacy and security rules - consent)


We'll provide you with the strategy, understanding, technology, solutions, resources and services that will drive your sustainability.